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Q: What is a mossberg model 402 palomino worth?
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Who made Wards Model M865A 22 rifle?

Mossberg (402 Palomino)

What is the approx age of a Western Field Lever Action 22 model 895?

25 years old The Western Field Model 865 is a private-branded Mossberg Model 402 which was sold by Montgomery Wards from 1968-1969. The Western Field 865A, which featured a slightly larger forearm, was sold from 1970-1971. The Western Field guns do not have the checkered stocks of the Mossberg 402 'Palomino' and obviously not the Mossberg logo buttplate. It has the 20" barrel of the 402 Carbine (the Model 400 had a 24" barrel) and the tubular magazine will hold 15 .22LR cartridges.

Mossberg parts interchangeable with Western Field?

You will have to know the model name or number to cross-reference to a manufacturers model. Many Western Field (Montgomery Ward) shotguns were made by Mossberg, but many were also by Stevens/Savage, Hi Standard, and several others. My son has a Westernfield M865A, which was made by Mossberg, but they also sold it as a Mossberg rifle as the Model 402 or you will here it called the Palomino. My son loves it, got it for $60 at a garage sale.

Need manual for western auto revelation model r117a?

The Western Auto model 117 was made by Mossberg which marketed the gun as the model 402. The 402 was produced from 1961 to 1969. The 402 is a carbine (shorter) version of the Mossberg 400 model. It is a lever action .22 cal rifle. The Mossberg manual may be easier to find than the Western Auto. You can find a schematic drawing and parts break down in "The Gun Parts Corp" catalog. See the link.

Where can you find information on a Western Field model m865 lever action 22 rifle?

Various other websites list this as a Western Field brand sold at Montgomery Wards but manufactured by Mossberg (hence the M in the model number). The Mossberg model number is 402

Value of revelation model 117?

See: this may help you. It's a Mossberg 402 or 400.

Were can you buy an ammunition catch spring for a mossberg palimino model 402?

Contact Victor or Cheryl Havlin through their website at havlin sales.

What is your H and R Model 402 410 Pump shotgun worth?

ABOUT $175-$200, depending on condition.

402 lever action mossberg 22 caliber?

Yes it will take 22LR and 22 short

What would be the price of a Revelation 117 from Western Auto in good condition?

This rifle I believe is a .22 caliber. Mossberg model 400 or 402. Tubular magazine made between 1959-1964. Value around $100.

What is the value of a western field M865?

Western Field was a store name used by Montgomery Wards. The M865 was most likely manufactured by Mossberg and relabeled from the Mossberg Model 402. The rifle was a lever action chambered in 22 short, long and long rifle. It was made 1961 to 1971 and value would be somewhere between $85 and $250 depending on condition.

How much is a Harrington and Richardson modeel 402 worth?

50-100 dollars