What is a mauser model 2000 rifle worth?

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100-1000 usd

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2013-04-04 22:45:07
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Q: What is a mauser model 2000 rifle worth?
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What is a Mauser Model 2000 rifle in Excellent Condition worth?

This rifle (Mauser Model 2000) is worth $350 in excellent condition.

What is the value of Mauser Model 2000 rifle?

100-1000 usd

What year is mauser model 2000 serial number 73815?

You will have to contact Mauser

What is the value of an original 308 Win caliber Mauser Model 2000 Rifle?

The value of the Mauser 2000 in 308 Cal. in excellent condition is about $425.00 to $475.00 I have seen this gun sell for about up to $550.00, but that is overboard. When it first came out in 1969 it was sold for $139.00. The market for the model 2000 is not at all high, although it is a very well made firearm.

When was Western Field model 720a ehm 30-06 made and what would it's estimated value be?

These are the same as the Heym-made rifles and are the same as the Mauser 2000 or Mauser 3000. Made in the 1960's. Worth $300-$400.

What is a 22 caliber rifle worth?

That'll vary, depending on the manufacturer and model. Tentatively speaking, you could be talking about something worth anywhere from $100 to over $2000.

Got 30-06 western field rifle wit Fran montdale4by32 scope on it cant find any info about scope or rifle on line?

More information is necessary. If the rifle has a 4-lug bolt head, it is the same as a Mossberg 810. Research the 810 for info on this rifle. It may be made on FN Mauser 98 actions, in which case it will be like any other Mauser 98 sporter. Otherwise, it will be German made by Heym and is either the same as a Mauser 2000 or Mauser 3000 action. The scope, on the other hand, is almost impossible to describe these days. It will likely have Japanese optics.

How much is a anschutz 2007 with a 2213 alum stock worth gun is 99.9 of new. No sights are on the gun?

ANSCHUTZ 2002 Are you asking about the rifle model 2002 ALU? If so this rifle, not gun, was mfg 2000-2006 at 95% it worth $1,200, at 100% it's worth $1,350.

When was the Taurus rifle model 62 manufactured?

Rifle first made in 2000, carbine first made in 2003.

What is the value of a Winchester 243 Lever action Model 88 Rifle?

1700-2000 1700-2000

How do you establish the date of a marlin lever action 30 AS?

By posting the serial number to your rifle in this question.The model 30AS was made from 1983-1999.After the year 2000 this rifle was desiginated the model 336AS,and then the model 336A.This time frame was from 2000-2007.

What are the release dates for Cleopatra 2525 - 2000 Mauser's Day Out 2-4?

Cleopatra 2525 - 2000 Mauser's Day Out 2-4 was released on: USA: 4 November 2000

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