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A Mad Crush Is When It Is A Big Crush

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Q: What is a mad crush?
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How can i get my crush not to be mad at me?

You are stupid... why would you make your crush mad at you in the first place?

If you had a crush and he was touching on your friend would you be mad at your crush or friend?

That depends on wether or not either of them knew of your crush.

What do you do when your crush is mad at you and won't talk to you?

he is evil

You think your crush is mad at you but you dont know for what?

Try talking to them. Ask them if they're mad at you and if so why they are mad at you. Then ask how you can make it right.

What does it mean when a guy has liked you over more than 3 years?

He's got a mad crush on you. I've had a mad crush like this for someone for almost four years

When you hurt your crushes friend physically by accident and your crush is mad at you how do you make them not mad at you?

Well it matters on how bad. You should try and see if his friend is fine, and be as nice as can be to him so he'll be nice to you and so your crush wouldn't or may not be mad anymore.

What does a mad crush mean?

I believe that it means to be madly in love with a person

What does it mean when a girl that is your friend ignores you and says hi to your friend but not to you?

she's probably either mad at you, or she has a crush on you, or one of her friends has a crush on you.

What are the release dates for Bachelor Father - 1957 Kelly's Mad Crush 2-7?

Bachelor Father - 1957 Kelly's Mad Crush 2-7 was released on: USA: 7 December 1958 Finland: 5 December 1959

This guy tells me he likes me and i like him too but according to his best friend hes giving up his old crush Is it worth it if a guy has to give up his old crush while he told you that he likes you?

If his old crush likes him should just wait until it's over cuz it would be kind of weird if you go out with him and his old crush is mad dogging you (staring at you with hate) But if his old crush doesn't then go for it. ok if the guy is good looking you should go for it but if his old crush is pretty mad tell him the truth that u should be just frineds until his old crush is over him because you don't wanna make anyone mad hope this helps:)

Do you get mad if someone tell your crush you like him?

it depends on who this person is. if its one of your friends, you might want to say something to them like "listen, i wanted you to keep it a secret. I dont really like that you told my crush that i like him..." dont get mad but if your friend does something like that again, consider what you tell your friend knowing that they might spill your secret. if its one of your crush's friends then your crush will probably believe a friend. If you didn't tell your crush's friend, find out who did.

If your guy friend likes you and he knows who you like and he is friends with your crush who is younger and he says your crush doesn't like you is he just saying that to make me mad and go to him?

Most likely