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When someone poops in their Butt and then eats it

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Q: What is a ladies period?
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What is a period and what happens?

a period is when blood comes out the ladies vagina

What is a ladies-period?

When someone poops in their Butt and then eats it

Why do ladies have periods?

so the sperm can come in the woman's period and it makes a baby

Why their is late in period?

don't b tension dud its will happen in every ladies..? its normal

Why ladies have periods?

so we can have babies,it builds up lining and if we dont get preggo it sheds causing a period.

What is the possessive form of ladies?

The possessive form for lady (singular) is lady's. The possessive form for ladies (plural) is ladies'.

What is the plural of ladies?

The plural form of the noun 'lady' is ladies.

What are the stages of a period?

Most of stages of a period is a dysmenorrhea. When a girl release the egg from their ovaries,The egg will fertilize when a sperm cell comes in contact. Most of ladies who had menstruation they call it a (PMS) -- PreMenstrual System.

What is the abbrieviation for ladies?


What A of ladies?

a pack of ladies

What of ladies?

a pack of ladies

What is the plural possessive of ladies choice?

ladies' choice ladies' choice