What is a lactation consultant?

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A person usually a nurse, who answers question about breast feeding

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Q: What is a lactation consultant?
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What causes lactation in females?


Can taking birth control cause lactation?

yes it can. the birth control tricks your body into thinking you are pregnant. that's why you don't get your period for a while. the lactation part happens due to the hormones that the birth control have. so some lactation can occur.

How long will it take for you to induce lactation?

2 weeks

How make yourself lactate without getting pregnant?

every woman who is self-confident, in good mental health, and whose breasts are physically sound can induce lactation and breast feed. Lactation, whether induced or postpartum, is not dependent on any of the sexual organs, rather it is the result of a positive mental attitude, physical stimulation of the breasts, and brain chemistry. This is true for women who have never been pregnant, as well as women who are post-hysterectomy or post-oophorectomy. For most women, the ability to lactate and breast feed typically begins in the teen years, and extends well past the child bearing years. Even though nipple and breast stimulation often cause sexual arousal, the mammary system functions independently of the reproductive organs, making it possible to induce lactation and breast feed without having been pregnant. The quality of milk and the physical means by which a woman lactates, after having artificially induced lactation, is identical to postpartum lactation with the exception of the production of colostrum. Colostrum, which is normally produced for the first few days postpartum, is not produced during the process of induced lactation or relactation. Physical techniques of suckling, methods of increasing lactation, and care of the breasts are the same for induced lactation as it is for postpartum lactation. The only differences between induced lactation and postpartum lactation is the method by which the essential milk producing hormones are stimulated into production and the lack of colostrum....

What is lacation?

LACTATION is the process in which mammary glands in female mammals produce milk.

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How can I become a Lactation Consultant?

There are 14 health science classes that are required to become a licensed lactation consultant that is board certified. You need to take a test and complete internships in order to become a licensed lactation consultant that is certified by the IBLCE.

What is the salary for a lactation consultant in the US?

It's roughly 70k...

How can one acquire the services of a lactation consultant?

One can acquire the services of a lactation consultant from the Loyola Medicine where there are a number of links. One can also find contact details for these people from Yelp.

How much does a lactation consultant make?

Anywhere between $55,000 to $70,000 a year.

How much does lactation consultant make?

Anywhere between $55,000 to $70,000 a year.

Where can you find lactation consultant jobs?

In the UK, Lactation consultants typically work in three ways: privately, via the NHS, or voluntarily. Many lactation consultants are self-employed and advertise themselves via their own websites. For NHS jobs, it is possible to search for lactation related jobs via the NHS careers website but there are currently no vacancies listed. Hopsitals and GP surgeries will typically employ lactation consultants so another option would be to make speculative applications to these places. There are many opportunities for lactation consultant jobs in the USA. These are advertised by general jobs websites.

What can you take for migraines while breastfeeding?

There are lots of medications safe while breastfeeding. Call your local lactation consultant and have her check the meds before taking them

What effect does honey and lemon have on lactation?

Honey and lemon does not have any affect on lactation. It will not stop lactation, increase lactation or anything else.

What is wrong when Breasts are tender Nipples are sore to touch and breast feeding a 4 week old?

Your latch is wrong, contact a LLL rep or lactation consultant and organise them to send someone to you to help get it right.

Is lactation a sign of being in heat?

No, lactation is not a sign of heat.

Can a pre-term baby nurse?

yes, preterm babies can breastfeed. You may need some assistance from your nurse or a lactation consultant. If the baby does not breastfeed you should start to pump to help stimulate your milk supply.

Why do pregnancy and lactation increase the BMR?

Pregnancy and lactation increase the BMR because of the high energy required to maintain the pregnancy and lactation.

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