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They're happy

Most are thinking about sex considering they probably have a boner while you're making out :P

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Q: What is a guy thinking when your making out?
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Is it okay to ask a guy what he's thinking after making out?

i just do it if he likes it he'll keep it up if not dont do it again

What is a guy thinking when he looks at you without smiling?

He might be imagining you making him a sandwich, its really difficult to guess based on that information

If you were looking another guy up and down and you notice your guy friend scoping him out also to see why you were looking at him and making a disgusted face does that mean your friend was jealous?

He may be thinking, "What does that guy have that I don't?" or something along those lines.

What does it mean when a guy texts you I was thinking of you?

it obviously means he was thinking of you..

What does it mean to dream of a guy constantly?

Your constantly thinking about this guy.

What role does critical thinking play in decision making?

what role did critical thinking play in making that decision

Why am i thinking about another guy while I'm in a relationship and i dont even like or love the guy?

You probably do like this guy you are thinking about but you just havent realized it yet.

Thinking and making reasoned judgments about claims?

Critical thinking

What is thinking of your thinking?

Thinking about thinking is called metacognition. Thinking about how you think can be potentially useful with regard to learning and decision making.

What are good reasons to call a guy?

I was thinking about you and...

Is it okay to ask a guy what he's thinking?

i guess its ok i ask my crush what his thinking :)

If you dreamed about him meaning that he is thinking about you?

Dreams are about the dreamer. This dream reflects the dreamer's thoughts about the guy. The dream gives no information about what the guy is thinking or feeling or doing.