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There are many website to get your credit report credit score. You can go to or to find the score.

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Q: What is a good website to get my credit report credit score?
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What is a credit report and a credit score?

A credit report basically contains information about your credit history, whereas Credit score is a number which is generated on the basis of your credit report. Score totally depends upon one's credit record, if history is good, credit score will be high. I always check my credit score free at

If you are in good standing in your credit report what credit score do you have?

Scores of 700 or above suggest a decent credit report.


Yes very good

Where can I get a free credit report score?

There are several places that you can look to see your free credit score report. However, it is free credit report but not credit score, since you always need to pay to see your credit score. You can visit to see the report.

Is 775 a good credit score?

According to video from the website in the related link, 775 is a very good credit score.

What is a credit report and why is it important?

it is when you check your credit it shows you your score and tells you if it is good or bad and it is important because without it you could spend extra money on something you buy because you have a bad credit report score.

Getting Free Credit Checks?

Maintaining your finances is not only about managing your spending habits and paying the bills every month; it also requires periodically looking at your credit report and credit score. No matter how good you are at keeping your bills and debts paid on time, if a mistake occurs and is not corrected it can make your credit score lower and might result in denial when you apply for a loan. Fortunately, it is possible to get free credit checks.Free Annual ReportEvery citizen of the United States is provided with one free annual credit report via the credit reporting agencies. While the report will not have the credit score, it does allow you to look for mistakes on the report and make changes if you notice that something is inaccurate.The free annual report is available through three methods: the website, a toll-free number or a mailing address. Going to the website and asking for your report is perhaps the easiest way to get the report. Otherwise, you can call 1-877-322-8228 and make a request over the phone. The last option will take longer to process and usually is only necessary if you are out of the country or do not have access to a phone or Internet.Free Credit ScoreThe credit agencies are not required to provide a free credit score. While this is true, it is possible to find out your credit score along with the report of the details. The credit score numbers often affect interest rates and whether a loan is approved or denied, so it is important to periodically find out about your score.One option to obtain a free credit score is to ask at your local bank or ask your credit card customer service representative. Some banks and credit cards will offer one free credit score and report, though others will not provide this service and might charge a fee. This is usually the first place to look to find out if you can get a free credit score.If you do not want to go through your bank or they do not provide a free score and report, the website provides a credit report and credit score for free every six months. The website not only gives you the information about your credit score, it offers advice on how you can improve your credit score as well.Keeping track of your credit score and report helps you correct mistakes easily. Since it is possible to obtain the report and score free, there is no reason to put off looking at your credit information.

Is it difficult for one to acquire a free score?

No, it is not difficult for one to acquire a free score. Simply go to a website like freescore, freetriplescore, or credit report. Fill out the information, and you should be good to go.

What is the safest website to check your credit score? has a good reputation

Where can I check my credit score and my credit report online?

There are three companies that can give you a credit report. It is a good idea to check all three, because they can be different. You are entitled to a free report once a year.

How do you get your credit score to show up?

Your credit score - a number used to predict your likelihood of paying off debt - is generated from information in your credit report, but is not part of the report itself. You can get your credit score from the credit reporting agency Equifax by going to Equifax will give you your score and a breakdown of what your score means, which is really helpful. Equifax has really good services. Never had a problem with them. Hope this helps!

What are the benefits to receiving a 3 in 1 credit score?

John002: Not all credit cards report to all credit bureaus. The only way to ascertain that you have a good credit score across the board is to get a 3 in 1 credit score. Hope it helps!