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msn (messanger)

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Q: What is a good social network for 12 year olds?
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Is Cartoon Network for 9 year olds?

Not exclusively but Yes, 9 year olds can enjoy shows on Cartoon Network.

Is dueling network safe for 10 year olds?


What is the age for Cartoon Network?

I think it is for ten to twelve year olds.

What age is Cartoon Network for?

I think it is for ten to twelve year olds.

Are there any social websites that 11 year olds can join?


Is bf3 good for 10 year olds?

COD Is for 10 yrs olds.

Is onverse good for 7 year olds?


Who knows a good game to play for 12 year olds to 14 year olds?

duck duck goose.

What is a website for gay 14 year olds?

TrevorSpace is a wonderful online community for LGBTQ youth to find friends in a safe haven. The site is perfect for 14 year olds because of the strict guidelines to keep it youth-friendly. However, like any social network, use fair caution.

How did they think of Facebook?

Watch 'The Social Network' that came out this year. Its all about how facebook was created. Its really good, i would watch it if i were you! :D

What kind of party favors are appropriate for ten year olds?

Party favors that are good for ten year olds are cartoon character stuff and good decorations.

Any Good websites for 11 year-olds?

Redtube is a very popular site among 11-year olds.