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Iridium satellite phones are the best. They are better quality than all the rest and have a 3 year warranty so in the chance it does break you can get a full refund. They have good signal and overall are well made phones.

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Q: What is a good satellite phone?
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What is a satellite phone good for?

A satellite phone good for web browsing and long distance call. You can read more at

Is the Fortis Mobile Phone a satellite phone?

The Fortis Mobile Phone does not appear to be a satellite phone. Further, Fortis is not listed as a manufacturer of satellite phones. If you are looking to purchase a satellite phone, you may want to look for a phone by Iridium.

How can I get satellite phone service in my area?

put up the antenna and see where there is good coverage

How was a satellite phone useful?

A satellite phone could (and can still) give you mobile phone reception ANYWHERE in the world.

how do satellite phone work,is the network very good.?

Satellite phones work by using satellites in orbit as the transmission center, rather than cell phone towers. They work well anywhere in the world, but they are expensive.

Why would anyone need a satellite phone ?

A satellite phone provides better services and a higher coverage area. A satellite phone can offer coverage that includes the entire earth.

When were satellite phone systems invented?

According to multiple websites of information on satellite phone system, satellite phone systems were invented in the year of 1979. Satellite phone systems make it possible for people to use their cellphones and communicate to each other.

Where can one purchase a satellite cell phone?

There are several places where one can purchase a satellite cell phone from. These places include online shops such as Satellite Phone Store, Mobal, and Telstra.

Does skype offer a good quality satellite phone?

Skype phones are not satellite phones. They are phones which connect to Wi-Fi and then run the Skype program to communicate with other phones. You can use them to call satellite phones, but they do not offer satellite phones.

Where you used the satellite phone?

A satellite phone can be used practically anywhere. It does not require a cellphone tower, but instead a satellite, which are available all over the world. A satellite phone works in Antarctica, so you would probably be able to use it wherever you need to go.

What in the world is a satellite laptop?

A satellite laptop is similar to a satellite phone. It provides the wireless internet connection by linking to a satellite in space. It is useful when you will be in areas with no phone or internet coverage from landlines or wireless towers.

Where do they sell the new iridium phone?

You can find the iridium phone on the iridium satellite phone communications website. You can also find iridium phones at your local satellite phone provider.