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why should i know the consequences of using drugs of any kind

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Q: What is a good rhetorical question for drug abuse?
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What is the definition of drug abuse?

Drug abuse the use of any substance strictly to alter the mood, without that substance being prescribed by a doctor. Drug abusers use the drugs to relieve anxiety - whether they call it "relieving pain," "relaxing," "taking a trip," or "feeling good." People who are happy with themselves and satisfied with their lives do not become drug abusers. If you drink alcohol because you like the taste of a drink once in a while, you are not abusing alcohol - if you drink because you want to change your mood, you are abusing it. Drug use becomes drug addiction when the user continues to use the substance even though they know it is harming them.

How do you stop mouth watering?

GOOD Question

How is motivation affected by drug abuse?

It is not a completely simple answer. Drug abuse effects the chemical balances in the body. When we do drugs, the drug takes the place of a signal naturally created by the body. Our bodies produce the chemical dopamine naturally at a pretty small level. When we us drugs, the DRUG tells the body to pump up dopamine production. This is the "feel good" or "reward" chemical in the brain. So when "use" turns into "abuse" the body completely IGNORES the natural signals for production of dopamine and many other chemicals. Motivation is connected to dopamine, as the body rewards you getting off you butt and doing something with pride in a job well done. That "job well done" chemical reward is not being produced without drugs. AND the amount of the reward naturally is much SMALLER than the drug induced reward. Therefore your body CAN NOT "reward" motivation. Withdraw from drugs is the period while your body "RESETS" it's systems to start making the chemicals according to it's own signals. As mentioned, many more chemicals than dopamine are taken over by different drugs. Opiates retards the bodys ability to produce melatonin and induce sleep. This is why when there is no opiates, you cant sleep. You have to wait until the body starts making the proper levels of melatonin and serotonin on its own. This withdraw period is the body and brain producing the wrong levels, if any at all, of the chemicals that keep us human.

Why did dare start?

To teach kids drug awareness, eventually peer pressure, good habits, and gang awareness.

Are most human behaviors inherited or learned?

That's a good question. A large part of our behavior is learned, however we share many of the same instincts. For example, when you receive a full score on an exam, most of us would jump up and cheer. In this situation, the instinct is to be filled with happiness, while we often learn more physical movements from watching media. On another subject, drug abuse and domestic violence is all learned from the parents. Children with a violent parent will most likely follow the same path. Likewise, a child with an alcoholic parent will most likely be an alcoholic himself.

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Where can I get good information about drug abuse progams?

The National Council on Alcoholism is a non-profit organization that can give you objective information about drug abuse programs available in your area.

Is there is safe level of drug abuse?

"Abuse" means you're over the line by definition. Drugs by themselves are used medically and recreationally (mainly Caffeine, Nicotine, Alcohol), and you can abuse them too. Good answer, if you are at drug abuse, you are pass the safe level. One last thing, there is no safe level for drug abuse, don't kid yourself!

What is the definition of tobacco abuse?

There really is no good reason for anyone to smoke, chew, or sniff tobacco; it is a harmful drug. Therefore, any use of tobacco is a form of drug abuse.

What parent can do to prevent drug abuse?

The primary thing is to be a good role model.

How long does the thesis statement on my research paper need to be?

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Which is not caused by dopamine levels related to drug abuse?

The pleasurable feeling from eating a good meal.

What would be a good example of a slogan about drug abuse?

How about..."Just say No!" Crack is WhackIf you do drug shots, then you do mug shots."C'mon, just do it !"