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A good reason or any reason at all would be justifiable if you still want him as a boyfriend.

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Q: What is a good reason to be in a fight with a boy friend?
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Is your friend a good friend if you you went out with a boy and you loved them and she went out with him?

no she isn't being a very good friend

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You can have a friend that is a boy, but if you mean dating, that isn't a good idea until you are much older.

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then good for you. that's not all too uncommon. thats really good! i am a girl and my best friend is a boy! your lucky to have a girl as a best friend...

What do you do if your best friend likes the same guy you like?

If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy ANSWER: I don't think so... what about your friend..... why can't she get over it and let me have the boy???????

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What do you do when you and your friend like the same boy?

Not fight over him...if yuh want to that'z up to yooh!

Is it good to tell a friend about a boy you like?

If you trust them

How do you tell your best friend how you feel when she embarrassed you in front of her boy friend?

You say, "I felt embarrassed when you (reason) me in front of my boyfriend."

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Leaving you for her boy friend?

She isn't a good friend then is she... Get some new friends! (Not in a mean way)