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Dr. Evil


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Q: What is a good name for a mad scientist?
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Should you be a inventor or a mad scientist?

Inventor & mad scientist

Are you as mad as a mad scientist?

Yeahh (:

Who discovered insulation?

Insulation was discovered by a mad scientist. his name was Profeser poopy pants.

What is the ISBN of The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame?

The ISBN of The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame is 0806528796.

How do you finish the mad scientist mission on fantage?

You defeat the mad scientist which is Finklestein.

How many pages does The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame have?

The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame has 224 pages.

What is the duration of Mad Scientist Toon Club?

The duration of Mad Scientist Toon Club is 3600.0 seconds.

What is the name of bat finks arch enemy?

Hugo A-Go-Go a crazy mad scientist!

Where could you find a mad scientist?

Well, if you go to a laboratory and there is a scientist. You found one! But, a mad scientist? Hm. Sorry if this answer is lame but, my thoughts are that you would find a mad scientist on the web, maybe 'Facebook' (probably impossible) or a friend that knows a mad scientist in a laboratory. MOWAHA.I went to a laboratory and found a scientist. Yep. There stood a scientist in his nice white lab coat, but he didn't look MAD. He talked and walked normally just like you and me. Except he had this paper on the wall that stated that he/she was a graduate from a scientific university like, "MIT".Then I thought maybe there aren't any MAD SCIENTISTSexcept in books like, "Frankenstein". Then I came to the answer, you can find MAD SCIENTISTS in movies.I know of one, he's on 'FACEBOOK'. His name is. Look in a mirror.

When was The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame created?

The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame was created on 2008-08-01.

When did Mad Scientist Toon Club end?

Mad Scientist Toon Club ended on 1994-01-25.

When was Mad Scientist Toon Club created?

Mad Scientist Toon Club was created on 1993-09-15.