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A good birthday gift for a fourteen year old girl would be clothes. Gift cards and jewelry would be good gifts as well.

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2014-08-23 06:21:27
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Q: What is a good birthday gift for a 14teen year old girl?
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What is a good birthday gift for a sporty girl?

it depends what kind of sport she likes

What is a good birthday presant for a 13 year old girl?

gift card

What is a good birthday present for a girl turning 11?

Jewelry or a gift card.

Would a little girl enjoy a Little Tikes car for her birthday?

A little tikes car would make a perfect gift for a girl's birthday. We can buy a good quality one with the color of the girl's liking to make it a perfect birthday gift.

What is a good Birthday gift for 25 year old girl?

a nice journal and pen

What are some birthday gift ideas for a girl's twentieth birthday?

something that is in and 'cool' like an ipod or iphone. technology is always a good option.

A good gift to give an Aquarius girl on 19th birthday?

something from bigbang or something modern, perfume, or smthn horny

Would it be a good idea to propose on your girlfriends birthday?

Yes because that is there birthday gift from you and that is the nicest gift ever!

What are some Birthday gift ideas for a fifteen year old girl?

gift cards are always a good idea. iTunes giftcards r fun too. or, a spa giftcard.

What is good for girl friend birthday gift?

Jewellery/ roses/ choccies/ a pic of you together but it should come with one of the others/ champagne

What is a good birthday gift for a 17 year old girl?

Some small designer thing like a purse or a small bag Clothes or perfume is good to

Is a personel birthday gift good to get for a man?

A personal birthday gift would be a good gift for anyone. It demonstrates that you put time and thought into their gift, and that is something that anyone could appreciate. and are both good resourced for personalized gifts.

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