What is a fake iPhone?

Updated: 10/3/2023
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Fakers are never that good they may be much cheaper but why you think they're fake? The producer can't make that good phones like Apple (Iphone) does so no then buy another or the real but no fakers

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Yes, there is. It is a small version of the iPhone made buy another company than Apple.

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There is no such thing. The closest thing to an iPhone that is fake would be an Android, because they are SmartPhones based off of the original touch screen interactive design of the iPhone.

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Q: What is a fake iPhone?
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Does a fake iPhone have apple store?

No, you can buy a fake iPhone in NYC for a cheap price ( and other cities of course ). And the iPhone is fake, so it cannot turn on

What kind of earphones does a fake iPhone require?

Buy a real iphone!

What are the differences between the fake iPhone 4S and the original? cant get a fake phone..

Can you get games on a fake iPhone?

jar games

Can the CEPT P168 use iPhone applications?

The Cept P168... Is Like An Fake Iphone Its Cheaper & Can Do As Much As The IPhone. Btw, Check Me Out:

When prepaid mins run out does internet still work on at and t iphone?

You can't use an iPhone with a prepaid account, unless it is a fake look-alike iPhone.

Which components does the Apple iPhone use?

All iPhone component are made in China. they are from a factory called foxcom. Other iPhone component may be fake or not in good quality.

Why won't my memory card work for my fake iphone that acturly works as a phone?

If it is fake then nothing needs to be on the memory card and it won't work. :-)

Where can you download iPopcorn Popper for iPhone?

It is not fake there is such thing you find it by looking at the app store

What does MET Motion mean on your mobile?

i dont know but i have seen it on my fake iphone from china

How can you tell the differences between iPhone and iPhone clone by looking at them?

Well,if you look at the back of the clone iphone,it will have some ridiculous name on the back like 'TVphone or Hiphone' and at the front,the fake iphone has smaller screen,and they are extremly laggy!!

What is the different of Apple iPhone 3g and china iPhone 3g?

Alrite. First of all,China does not have iPhone is most likely a fake clone iPhone that is freaking slow..The only china city that sells the actual iPhone is is exactly like the American iPhone 3g,but it is slower