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For deep water, the relationship between speed and wavelength L is given by the formula: L = g x t x t / (2 x pi)

L = t x c for all kinds of waves, substitute in above equation: t x c = g x t x t / (2 x pi)

c = g x t / (2 x pi) or t = c x 2 x pi / g or t = c x 0.641 (s)

where t = wave period (sec), f = wave frequency, L = wave length (m) and pi =3.1415...

to calculate c and L from wave period t (in sec): c = t x 1.56 m/s= t x 5.62 km/hr = t x 3.0 knot

L = 1.56 x t x t (metres) Thus waves with a period of 10 seconds, travel at 56 km/hr with a wave length L of about 156 m. A 60 knot (110 km/hr) gale can produce in 24 hours waves with periods of 17 seconds and wave lengths of 450 m. Such waves travel close to the wind's speed (97 km/hr). A tsunami travelling at 200 m/s has a wave period of 128 s, and a wave length of 25,600 m.

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Q: What is a example of a water wavelength?
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