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One bad one is very loose skin if the weight loss is large. Otherwise the rest are beneficial: better movement, clothes fit better plus many more.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: What is a consequence of losing excess body weight?
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What is excess body weight?

When you are fat

What happens when you have excess protein in the body?

You gain weight.

Why do you get love handles?

Love handles are from excess weight. Your genetic code which is the instructions for your body determine where this excess weight is stored.

Why are you not losing much weight?

Your body has stabilised at a healthy weight. This is a good thing.

Why is Preteen girl unable to lose weight?

A preteen's body is trying to grow, and losing weight means not growing. So, losing weight is completely against the body's natural action and aim.

difference between workout plans for weight loss.?

Losing weight is done by buring the calories that excess body fat is made of. The items you listed are the way that this happens. No matter what form it comes in, the only way the body loses weight is by decreasing calorie intake, and increasing calorie burn.

What is the relationship between body weight and osteoarthritis?

Excess weight and injuries can aggravate this condition

If you have a fat belly can you lose it and get a six pack?

of course,you might already have muscle but it could be hidden under any excess fat.Losing weight helps tone the body,so while you are losing weight you will also be gaining muscle.

What does it mean losing a stone?

The stone is a British measurement of weight. Losing 1 stone in body weight means losing 14 pounds.There are 14 pounds in 1 stone.

What is the best indicator that the body is losing weight during a workout?


Losing Weight the Natural Way?

Any fast loss weight method should be done in a responsible and safe manner. There are so many pills and medications on the market that just act like laxatives when it comes to losing excess weight. These medications do nothing for your internal health and the willpower that you need to keep that weight off. For most people who are using unnatural methods to lose weight, it can be hard for them to keep the excess body fat off when they decide to stop taking that magical pill or medication. This is why you should always approach weight loss in a natural and organic way.

How do you make your body so fast?

If you mean something like running speed, then it is purely the relevant muscle's ability to push your limbs in that way. Ie, for running, your leg muscles are taken into account, your total body weight (in this case, the weight the legs have to push). Constant training, building up relevant muscles and losing excess body weight is how to get faster.

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