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100-700 usd

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Q: What is a browning b 80 shotgun worth?
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What is a browning B-80 worth?

100-700 usd

Browning shotgun b-80-sl parts list?

Try Browning or egunparts

Value for a browning b-80 serial?

i want to know the value of a browning b-80 shotgun serial#421pv51646 please someone give me a price.

What model is your browning shotgun serial number 411PV02798?

B-80 made in 1985

What is the value of a browning b 80 20 gauge shotgun 471pr01180?

Up to 500 USD or so

What model is your browning shotgun serial number 411PVO2798 3 inch magnum invector 12 gauge?


What year was a browning shotgun 12gauge automatic B34587 made and how much would it be worth?

what model of browning semi-auto shotgun are we talking about?I show no B prefix to the serial number on the browning auto-5 shotguns made.

What is your browning B-80 12 gauge in exellent condition worth?

100-500 usd

What is the price of a model 8 browning shotgun?

The only model that Browning made that comes close to your question is the model B-80.These range in price from 230-300 dollars.As far as my research indicates,Browning never has produced a model 8 shotgun.

How much is a browning B 80 semi auto matic worth?

The price will range between 230-300 dollars for a shotgun having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining and a good bore.

What is the value of browning b80 semi auto gas shotgun original in box never put together or shot?

Your Browning B-80 in the description you described is valued at 450 dollars.

What is a Ducks Unlimited Central Edition Browning B-80 The Plains worth?

1200.00 In unfired condition. 1983?