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Allows for adjustment of barrel harmonics.

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Q: What is a boss compensator on browning a-bolt rifle?
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What is a boss compensator on a Browning A-bolt rifle?

This site will answer your question:

Can you add a boss compensator to a A-bolt rifle?

It can be done.

How do you tell if you have a browing gold medallion boss rifle?

You can tell if you have a Browning Gold Medallion Boss Rifle by looking at the stamp on the barrel. It lists the model of the rifle as well as its serial number.

Browning automatic rifle hunting with boss firearm do they make a 30-06 bar with boss?

On some models, yes

Where can you find a Boss optimizer break for a browning A Bolt 300 mag rifle?


How does the boss symstem work on your browing A-bolt rifle work?

BOSS stands for "Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System". With the BOSS system installed properly, the intent is that once a rifle is sighted in with a particular ammuntion, the BOSS increases accuracy by reducing barrel vibration. Each caliber, bullet weight, and Ammunition Manufacturer, has a setting for your model of rifle. The setting is what Browning calls "The Sweet Spot". For instance, you may have a .30-06 and you shoot Federal 165 grain bullets. The BOSS guide will tell you which setting on your BOSS (sweet spot) will optimize the shooting accuracy of your rifle. Click on the link to the Browning Web page that shows the settings for all calibers rifle models.

What is the value of a browning raptor compound bow?

this is a boss raptor browning.

What would be a starting paintball sniper?

The browning is typically your common sniper rifle with a scope added , but you could use a M240 , and put a scope on it , LIKE A BOSS

Thread diminution of Browning 270 BOSS?

Please contact Browning at the related link

What are the boss settings for a browning 7MM magnum using 150 Grain bullets?

You will have to shoot the load at different settings to find out which one works best with your particular rifle and ammo.

Did browning fire arms make a gray wolf 270 cal rifle?

I know that Browning made a Greywolf A-bolt rifle in 30-06 because I have one. I don't know if they made any in .270 cal. The Greywolf was only manufactured in 1994 with very limited production. I've heard that there were only 380 made. They are stainless steel with a wooden stock and came with the Browning BOSS attachment.

How do you adjust a BOSS system on a browning 7mm?

A call to Browning for a manual or a trip to a gunsmith is in order.

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