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The blade on a RIFLE is called a bayonet.

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Q: What is a blade on rifle called?
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What do you call the blade on the end of a rifle?

A blade on the end o a rifle is called a "Bayonet".

What is a sharp blade fixed in to the top of a rifle called?

it's a bayonet, and was used during the Civil War to stab enemies

What is a blade mounted on the end of a musket or rifle?


What is better for hand to hand battlle a rifle or bayonets?

Is it better to have a gun, or a gun and a knife? A bayonet is a rifle with a short, removable blade mounted on the end of the barrel. The answer depends on the situation, but usually a bayonet will be better than a rifle due to the fact that it has all of the properties of a rifle, with the addition of a blade.

What is a blade for piercing or stabbing made to fit on the end of a rifle first made in a city in France?

Made in Bayonne, France, those are called bayonets.

What is a fencing blade?

There are three types of fencing swords each with different rules : Foil, Eppe and Sabre. The blade of a foil is called a "Foil blade"The blade of an eppe is called an "Eppe Blade"Etc

What is the margin of the blade?

The edge of the blade should be called as edge of the blade. But in practice the cutting edge is probably called as margin of the blade. The expert in English language should explain better.

What is the crack in the shoulder blade?

The crack in the shoulder blade is called the Scapula

What is a blade of a helicopter called?

It is called the rotor.

What is a rifle with a knife on it called?

A rifle with a bayonet.

What is the ridge on the dorsal surface of the shoulder blade called?

The ridge on the dorsal surface of the shoulder blade is called the spine.

Where can you locate front sight blade for JC Higgins model 50 rifle?