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A binnacle is the housing for the compass of a ship. The Binnacle Boy is a "character" from the story, "The Binnacle Boy," by Paul Fleischmen. The housing for the compass was a held by a wooden figure of a boy thus was called the binnacle boy. It was a great short story and I think would be classified as a psychological thriller.

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A binnacle boy was a young sailor who was responsible for polishing the brasswork on the binnacle, a stand on the deck of a ship that houses the compass. This term is not commonly used today as modern ships use electronic navigation systems.

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Q: What is a binnacle boy?
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Is the Binnacle Boy by Paul Fleischman part of another book is it fiction or nonfiction?

The Binnacle Boy by Paul Fleischman is one of three stories in his book Graven Images, a work on children's fiction. ~ Jason

What is a binnacle?

A binnacle is a wooden housing for the ship's compass, with corrector magnets and illuminating arrangements.

Is there a binnacle on an airplane?

No, while airplanes have both magnetic and gyro compases, they are not contained in a binnacle. The binnacle was the compass holding housing on ship which allowed the compass to stay level when the ship moved with the waves

What is a binnacle list?

Binnacle List - A ship's sick-list. A binnacle was the stand on which the ship's compass was mounted. In the eighteenth century and probably before, a list was given to the officer or mate of the watch, containing the names of men unable to report for duty. The list was kept at the binnacle the wooden and brass stand that housed the ships compass,

What is kept in a ship's binnacle?

a compass

Where was the binnacle located on the Titanic?


What does the word binnacle mean?

The binnacle is the apparatus that houses the compass for the purpose of steering on a boat or ship. It is usually ergonomically placed just forward of the steering wheel in the wheelhouse.

What piece of marine equipment is traditionally housed in a binnacle?


What is the box that surrounds around a compass called?

I believe it is referred to as a binnacle

Who killed the Orion's crew in the binnacle boy?

The crew of the Orion was killed by their Captain, who was the first mate's accomplice in a plan to steal the ship's gold. They were all murdered in order to eliminate any witnesses to the theft.

What is a bittacle?

A bittacle is an obsolete term for a binnacle - a wooden housing for a ship's compass.

What is the housing for ship's compass called?

The housing for a ship's compass is called a binnacle. It is typically a protective case that houses and protects the compass from interference and elements while still allowing it to be easily viewed and accessed by the ship's crew.