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.270 is the larger calibre of the two.

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Q: What is a bigger rifle 243 or 270?
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How much bigger is a 270 rifle than a 243 rifle?

The parent case of the .270 is the .30-06, necked down. The parent case of the .243 is the .308 Winchester, necked down. Aside from the larger diameter of the .270, the .270 has a longer case.

Can you get Kane gun chaps for 243 rifle OR A 270 RIFLE?

Model dependent

What percent of 90 of 270?

90% of 270= 90% * 270= 0.9 * 270= 243

Which rifle caliber is better for a bolt action rifle a 243 or a 270?

General rule of thumb is that the best caliber is the one which best suits you. Of the two, .270 would be the more powerful round. Both are substantial for hunting something like deer, although the .243 is probably better suited for the experienced hunter, whereas the .270 would be a little more forgiving to the novice hunter. The .270 is a necked down .30-06, and the .243 is a necked down .308.

What is more powerful a 270 or a 243?


Is a 30-30 rifle bigger than a 243?

Size of the rifle will vary, depending on make/ model. The 30-30 BULLET is larger in diameter and weight than the .243, but has less energy. This is due to a slower bullet.

Is a 223 rifle bigger in caliber than 243 rifle?

No. The .243 is a larger calibre, and the parent case is the .308 Winchester, necked down to accept the smaller projectile. It's considerably more powerful than the .223.

What should you pay for a Remington 243 rifle?

you should pay about 300 to about 350 dollars for a Remington 243 rifle

What is more powerful a 270 or 230 rifle?


Why is the 243 rifle called a 243?

Because that's what the bore measured out to.

Is a 10XP rifle the same as a 243?

Depends on if that model is offered in 243

Can you tell me about a sako AII 243 rifle?

Great rifle.

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