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Value depends on model, grade and condition. Use the link below to find you gun in the Blue book. It should be under Browning .22 automatic rifle

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Q: What is a Browning 22cal Semi Auto long rifle worth?
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What do you think about a browning auto 22cal?


What year was browning gun made with serial number 2t30446?

Your Browning 22cal semi-auto rifle was made in the year 1962 with the 2T prefix to your serial number.

How old is browning 22 auto loader serial number 08620pn646?

With the 2 letters PN that are found in your serial number,the date of manufacture of your Browning .22cal semi-auto rifle was the year 1989.

What is the price of a browning 22 CAL semi auto serial number 3T58541?

A Browning .22cal auto rifle made by FN of Belguim which you have is priced between 280-545 dollars.This is based on your rifle having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore.

What is a Browning 22 semi auto rifle SN 12852PY146 worth?

Made in 1982, your rifle is a Grade I, worth $700-$900, depending on condition.

What is this rifle worth Ranger 22cal lr tubular fed semi-auto mod 101.16?

25-125 USD or so

What is a 338 belgium browning semi auto rifle worth?

50-5000 usd depending on specifics.

Value of fllipietta Italian 22Cal semi auto rifle?

50-100 USD

What is the age of a browning 22 cal rifle serial 8T1156?

This is a Browning .22 auto rifle made in 1968.

What is the worth of a browning auto rifle bar 22 caliber never shot?

20-2000 USD depending on specifics

What is a 30-06 belgium made browning grade 3 semi-auto rifle worth?

100-1500 usd

How old is a Browning Semi Auto Rifle Model 77303M9?

YOu will have to call Browning for the decade.