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Impossible to answer without a DETAILED description of the engraving and if it is factory or aftermarket. Price could range from 200-20000 US Dollars.

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Q: What is a Beretta 20 gauge Al2 Italian made with engraving worth?
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What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Italian beretta al2?

what is the value of a Beretta A L2-12 gauge Model#d39063 worth?

Value of pietro beretta companion 16 gauge shotgun?

how much is a petro beretta 16 gauge in excellent condition worth

What ia a pietro beretta golden pigeon 12 gauge worth?

Used; but in good condition it would be worth about $3000USD to start. Typically these shotguns were not very heavily used and can have quite a lot of very high quality engraving, so the price could easily double that.

How much is a Beretta model LA2 12 gauge shotgun worth?

500 USD

What is the worth of a used Weatherby 12 gauge auto shotgun with walnut stocks and no engraving?

100-500 USD

How much is an unfired Beretta Pin Tail worth?

Depends on condition, engraving, box, accessories, papers, finish. Could be as little as 500 or as much as 5000

What is a wwgreener 12 gauge double barrell double hammer with engraving walnut stock worth?

Professional appraisal required

What is a beretta al-2 20 gauge shot gun worth?

Precisely four dollars and sixty-seven cents.

How much is a p beretta mod al2-12 gauge shotgun worth?

350-450 depending on condition and whether or not it is magnum or not.

What is your Beretta u22 Neos worth?

How much is a beretta u22 neo worth

Value of Beretta S2 12 gauge?

It would be worth.........what someone would be willing to pay. Depends on where you are, the condition and spec of the gun etc

Value of beretta mod a 300 20 gauge shotgun?

100-300 or so Depending on condition, above $500. The 20 gauge shotguns are rarer and worth more than the 12 gauge. 2/3/12