What is a BAC measurement?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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blood alcohol concentration

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Q: What is a BAC measurement?
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What determines bac?

BAC is a percentage measurement of the level of alcohol in your bloodstream.

Why is there no single scienticfic measure that determines wether a person is intoxicated?

Intoxication is not a straightforward measurement. One person could have a BAC of .08 and be almost unconscious, another person could have .08 BAC and not even feel it.

How is BAC measured?

its measured by BAC level of 0.8

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What is blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?

BAC is the standard measure of the proportion of alcohol in a person's blood. When tested by a Breathalyzer or other alcohol breath testing device, the result is actually only an estimate. To obtain a true measurement, it is necessary to analyze a sample of blood directly.