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Assuming very good condition, a blue used Vaquero goues for $300.00 - $350.00 around here. I bought a pair of blue 5 1/2" vaquero's a few years back for $500.00 for the pair.

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Q: What is a 357 ruger vaquero worth?
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What is the price of a Used ruger ss 357 vaquero?

200-400 USD

What is a ruger vaquero 44-40 worth?

100-400 or so

What is a ruger vaquero 44 magnum worth?

50-380 USD or so

What is a ruger blackhawk 357 cal worth?


Will a 44-40 new Vaquero be producted If so I will be selling my old .44-40 Vaquero and buying one. I have the new .357 the old 44 mag and the .45lc Sheriff model.?

You will have to ask Ruger.

What is a ruger GP100 357 worth?

100-300 or so

How much is this worth Ruger vaquero bisley 45 cal single action stainless?

300 USD

What is a sturm ruger 357 magnum P 101 worth?

About $600.00

How much is ruger sp101 357 worth?

50-450 usd

Ruger does ruger make a blued bisley vaquero 357mg?


What does a 1897 ruger 357 magnum look like and what is it worth?

No such model exists. The .357 Magnum cartridge was not put into production until 1935, and Ruger was not established until 1949.

What is a 1976 ruger security 6 357 worth?

50-250 usd