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Q: What is a 12 gauge twenty weight 2 shot auto loader Browning shotgun made in Belgium worth?
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Why doesn't my 1967 Belgium Browning have a gold trigger?

Only the "light" Twenty" had a gold trigger. My 1964 Belgium Browning Light Twenty has a gold trigger.

Where can you get an owners manuel for a Browning Magnum Twenty made in Belgium?

Contact Browning and they will send you one.

What is the value of a belgium browning twenty serial?

Need a detailed description.

Is the difference between browning A5 twenty and A5 light twenty shotgun?

The A5 20 ga. was made in two models: Light 20, and Magnum 20. The Light twenty, sometimes just reffered to as a "Browning Twenty" was made from 1958-1976 in Belgium. The receivers are marked "Light Twenty" The Magnum version has a 3" chamber and was made in Belgium from 1967-1976. The receiver on this gun will say "Magnum Twenty" Other differences are the weight of the models

What is the date of manufacture of your Browning Auto 5 shotgun serial 69z42552?

this is a 1969 light twenty shotgun auto5man

What is a fair price for a browning a5 belgium magnum twenty?

300 USD

What is the priceof a magnum twenty browning shotgun?

100-1000 USD depending on specifics.

What is the year and value of browning light twenty auto-5 serial 04177 PZ231?

The PZ found in the middle of your serial number indicated that your browning light twenty auto-5 shotgun was made by browning in 1981.

What is the value of a Belgium A5 Browning twenty serial 7Z81?

50-500 USD or so

What is the value of a browning 20 gauge made in Belgium it says twenty on it?

A few hundred to a few thousand.

What is the value of a Belgium browning twenty gauge A-5 with two barrels in good condition?

50-575 usd

What is the year of manufacture of a browning light twenty shotgun serial number 73z80057?

Go to Browning's web site. They have a sn function listed under customer service.

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