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that shotgun that you have may be a Smith and Wesson model 916A. i hope that this may help you in your endeavors happy hunting

Answer12 GA is the size and the name of the bullet this pump action is they classfication of your gun the pump action is a driscriptive of the loading charactrist of our gun which loads a cartridge or shotgun shell in case of a 12 this is done mostly when you pull the pump to wards you other type of loading are break down ,gas propelled--using gas expelled form cartridge or a co2 clyender , lever action . AnswerS&W hasn't made many shotguns, but for slide actions you have a choice of the model numbers 916, 916T, 96, 1000 P, 3000, and 3000 Police. AnswerThe most popular guage used by the Police Departments in America was the 12 guage and the ammo was the double OO buck with seven slugs Bob Guard
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Q: What is a 12 gauge pump shot gun made by Smith and Wesson model?
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