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a boss is sum1 who is in charge of someone or a group of things a leader is someone who shows people what to do and how to do it

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Q: What is The different between boss and leader?
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When was Boss for Leader created?

Boss for Leader was created in 2007.

Where the arwarks lead boss around?

were the arwarks leader boss around by the Europeano leader

What is a different word for the word leader?

Captain, commander, director, boss, chief, executive, guide

What is the name for a leader?

a boss

In Kingdom Keepers who is the boss of the Overtakers?

The leader/boss is Chernabog from Fantasia.

Who is the boss of the Jedi?

yoda is the boss/master/leader/owner of the jedi

What is a synonym for master?

boss and leader

What is a person who has power or authority over others?

There are many, such as leader, boss, etc.

What is the definition of a good team leader?

A good team leader knows the difference between being Boss and being Bossy. A boss will assimilate everyone's imput and develope a plan. A Bossy will develop a plan and expect everyone to accomplish to goal without their imput.

What are the six features that differentiate a boss to that of a leader?

There is one fundamental difference that separates a boss from a leader. A boss organises the now and achieves goals. Leaders are written in to history, and inspire following.

Who is the boss of the group of little mix?

The leader of Little Mix is Jade Thirlwall.

Is leadership a characteristic?

different between leader and manager?