What is StubHub?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Stubhub is a secondary market reseller of event tickets. They connect buyers and sellers together to sell tickets. Most tickets are market price due to supply and demand instead of face value. Stubhub adds a service fee to the order for their processing and overhead expenses. I use a company that has less overhead and the prices are a little less. It is called Vertex Tickets and I have found they have the same tickets (because sellers post on both Stubhub and Vertex to get maximum exposure to potential buyers).

Vertex Tickets also has a ongoing discount code (not sure if Stubhub does all the time), where you simply enter the discount code SALE at checkout and receive a 5% discount on any tickets to Sporting Events, Concerts and Theater/Broadway Shows.

Either company provides the same service, but I have compared the two (and used both of them) without a problem. So, now I solely use Vertex Tickets to save the extra money.

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Q: What is StubHub?
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When was StubHub created?

StubHub was created in 2000.

What is the motto of StubHub?

StubHub's motto is 'Where Fans Buy & Sell Tickets!'.

What is a fan code used for on Stubhub?

The vouchers portal provides the StubHub promo codes on a daily basis & they also update the offers and StubHub coupons 2022 on their websites on a daily basis. So, customers can easily get the latest one & best one. Get the Latest StubHub Promo Codes at Vouchers Portal United States Save Big with verified discount codes and coupon codes stubhub discount code 2023 stubhub discount code stubhub promo code stub hub discount codes stubhub code stubhub coupon code stubhub discount codes stub hub discount code

Is stubhub a skam?


Who is the president of stubhub?

Jack Goff

Where can one find StubHub fancode?

There are lots of websites that claim to offer StubHub fancodes, that can give purchasers discounts on ticket prices. Some of these sites are scams but a reputable way to get these codes is to sign up for the StubHub rewards programme.

What is the best website to get cheep tickets?


Where can I sell concert tickets?

The best place to sell your concert tickets would be on Stubhub. On Stubhub you will be able to post and sell you tickets very quickly.

What services does StubHub provide its online customers?

Stubhub is an online website that provides their costumers with ticket sales. They are an online marketplace that is owned by the ever rising company EBAY.

What is stubhub's competition?

Scalpers <--- First Answer StubHub has seen increased competition on the secondary resale market from other large online event ticket marketplaces like

What's the benefits of selling tickets on Stubhub?

If you would like to sell your tickets on Stubhub, you could make a reasonable amount of money as well as get good reviews leading to more customers.

What is stubhub and what is it used for?

Stubhub is an online marketplace to buy and sell tickets of every kind. A lot of people use it to purchase concert tickets especially. They offer both, digital and physical tickets.