What is Siri app called?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: What is Siri app called?
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Who is siri galliano?

She is the creator of the apple voice search app called Siri

What is the best Siri app for android?

i believe there is an app called Iris (siri spelled backwards...) that was started as a gag but is now a pretty good app...

What is the voice activated iPhone 5 app called?

Hi the answere is siri

What is the Siri app called on the app store?

accuracy there is no app for Siri it is only available for the new iPhone 4s and can be accessed by holding down the home button. Siri is not available for the iPod touch iPad or older generations of the iPhone,

If you jailbreak iphone 4 do you get siri?

You can not get Siri if you jailbreak a iphone 4. In order to get Siri you have to download the app.

What is an iPod App that is like Siri?

Try Evi! It is just like Siri. You can either write or speak to it. But it is a little slow. It is only $0.99 in the app store. Best Siri competitor ever!!!!!

How did siri come to be?

Siri was available in the App Store by Siri, Inc as an IOS application until being acquired by Apple in 2010.

How do you spell the app siri?

It comes pre-installed on the iPhone 4S. It cannot be downloaded on any other device

Can you get Siri on iPod touch without jailbreak?

You can in a way if you get open app market and search Siri there is a version there but is is crap

Can you use the app siri on the phone java f8 cy?

you cant have a siri on any java phone, but if u have an android phone, it will surely work.. siri is also on iphone 4s

Are you siri?

Im not Siri But siri is a phone app on a iphone any iphone and u press the bouttom to speak to it in google images type up an iphone if u dont know what is it!Thanks xxSB

Does ios 6 have siri on iPod touch 4?

Well there is no such thing as IOS 6 yet. So far its IOS 5.1 i think and siri is only available on the apple iphone 4s. No other devices have siri and there is no app or update for it