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Q: What is One word to say you are my true love?
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Would you say you have found true love yet?

yes, i can say that i have found true love, and it's a beautiful one. i have found true love in her, and her name is Trisha..... I LOVE YOU BESHIE!!!! :)

How to say my one true love in french?

'my one true love' in french is 'mon seul véritable amour'

Will you see your true love soon?

All I can say is...I have found true love, and it's a beautiful one..I have found true love in her and her name is Trisha.........I LOVE YOU BESHIE!!!!!

How do you say 'my one true love' In Irish?

mo chéadshearc

How do you say true love in west African?

true love

How do you say one true love in Latin?

viena taisnība mīlestību

How do you say property of my one true love in Irish Gaelic?

maoin m'fhíorghrá

Never say goodbye to your true love you will never get over it?

Not true. You can get over it without having to say goodbye because as you take it one day at a time and move on, you will find someone who cannot be compared to your true love because they treat you better than your true love ever did.

In one word how can you say love hate happy sad?

sadatovappySAD, hATe, lOVe, happy

What is the sweetest word to say to your loved one?

I think it's, "I love you!"

How do you say 'true love' in Hebrew?

True love is Ahava amitit אהבה אמיתית

How can you arrange 'euslirtotehisv' to make a sentence?

Hi this is Anglo007 (shahbaz), if some one ask me about my love i will say my love is (Anam) and "This is true love"

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