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The age of consent in Mississippi is 16 years of age. If both parties are over that age, there are no criminal issues. The parents don't have to agree and can still make things difficult.

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Q: What is Mississippi Laws on the Age of Consent and?
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What is the legal dating age in Mississippi?

There are no laws about dating in Mississippi. However, there are laws about sexual contact. The age of consent in Missippi is 16 years of age.

What is the age of consent to date a person over 36 months apart in Mississippi?

The age of consent in Mississippi is 16 years old. However, there are additional laws that prohibit a person over the age of 18 from engaging in a sexual relationship with someone between the ages of 14 and 16 if they are more than 36 months apart in age. It is important to follow the specific laws in your jurisdiction and consult legal counsel if needed.

Age of consent in Mississippi?

It's 16.

What is the legal piercing age in Mississippi with parental consent?


What are the laws on parental consent for sex in New York State?

AnswerThere are laws regarding 'parental consent for sex'. There are laws regarding the age of sexual consent. If you�re under the age of sexual consent, then you can have sex, as long as your parents are okay with it.

What is Mississippi's legal age to have a baby?

There is no legal age to have a baby. In Mississippi, or anywhere. Think about it. How could they stop the person from having the baby once the baby was on its way? The government is not going to enforce abortions. The legal Age of Consent in Mississippi--an entirely different matter--is sixteen, which makes good sense. But Age of Consent is fuzzier in Mississippi than it is in many states. To quote the Labor Law blog (as I cannot put it better): "The age different of the partners is a factor in the Mississippi age of consent laws. Young people who are between the ages of 14 and 16 can legally consent to sex with a partner who is no more than 36 months older. Thus, a 15-year-old girl can legally consent to sex with her 17-year-old boyfriend, but not with his 44-year-old father." Also, in Mississippi one must be twenty one years old to marry. An odd group of laws, to my mind, these. And, of course, and as with anything: Before you do, think. Think Hard.

What are Weird laws in japan?

There is no age of consent.

Who decides the age of consent?

The government decide and the law enforces. Age of Consent laws are legislated like all laws by each state's legislature.

What are the sex laws in California?

As far as the age of consent: The age of consent is 18. It is not legal to have sex if you are not at least 18.

What are some weird laws in japan?

There is no age of consent.

In Michigan if a girl is 16 and a boy is 20 is it legal?

There are no laws for dating so that is up to your parents to decide. The age of consent in Michigan is 16 so that is when you can give legal consent for having sex.

What are the laws for dating age limits in France?

There are no laws regarding dating. The age of consent is actually 15 in France.