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Jordan Maron.

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Jordan Maron is CaptainSparklez.

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Q: What is CaptainSparklez real name?
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What is captainsparklez's Skype name?

It is jordanmaron.

What is captainsparkelz minecraft name?

His minecraft username is simply captainsparklez.

Is captain sparklez and seannaners brothers?

No they are not. CaptainSparklez's last name is Maron and Seananners's last name is Montoya.

Where captainsparklez from?

he is from california

Is CaptainSparklez American?


Does captainsparklez have a girlfriend?

I guess not?

Is CaptainSparklez dating?


How Old Is CaptainSparklez?

CaptainSparklez is 5' 7" as he stated in a live stream.

When is captainsparklez' birthday?

February 10th

What is captainsparklez password?

my password is JMCOD1992

What computer does captainsparklez use?


Is captainsparklez a Christian?

he's christian