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Labatt's Blue has a 5% alcohol content.

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Q: What is Alcohol content of La'batts blue beer?
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What is a Beer starting with the letter L?

· Lagerhead Lager (SC brewery) · Labatts Blue · Lowenbrau

What is the alcohol content in blue moon beer? shows it at 5.4%

What is the alcohol content in Pabst light?

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer has 5.0 % alcohol content. check out the Related Links for more info on alcohol and calorie content for many beers...

How many gallons is a 30 pack of beer?

In Vermont, that I know of. Labatts, budwieser, bud light, pabst blue ribbon.

Alcohol names start with a b?

Brandy, beer, Baileys Irish Cream, brown ale, Blue bols, Bordeaux wine.

How many calories in a labatt blue light?

A 12 ounce Labatt Blue Beer bottle has 5.0%alcohol.

How many calories in Chimay Blue 'Grand Reserve' Beer - 9 percent alcohol by volume?

Given 9% alcohol by volume, 170 calories are attributable to alcohol content in an 11.2 oz serving. Based on the sweet (and delicious) taste, I'd estimate approximately 20 grams of sugar (carbohydrates) @ 4 calories per gram. Consequently, a reasonable estimate would be 250 calories per 11.2 oz serving. Compare this to Duvall (an excellent Belgium beer @8.5% ABV), 198 calories; 160 calories attributable to alcohol for an 11.2oz serving, and 9.5 grams attributable to carbohydrates. If you're on a low-carb diet, you should choose Duvall. As far as "buzz bang for you buck" you'll need to do the math (divide price per bottle by alcohol content) and make an informed choice.

What beer do they have in Canada?

Yes they do have beer in Canada, one of the famous brands is Labatt Blue.

Why did don cherry name his dog blue?

he named his dog blue after a canadian beer labatt's blue.

When was red white and blue beer made?

Red, White, and Blue beer was around in the late 70's I believe to at least the mid 80's.

What is the color blue on the top of the busch beer can?


Which beer is from the land of sky blue waters?

Answer: Hamm's Beer :-) Did you know:The Hamm's Brewing company is famous for its advertising jingle and its mascot, the Hamm's Beer bear.