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A 12 year old boy does not need a girlfriend

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Q: What is 10 things a 12 yr old boy want from his girlfriend?
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You are a 13 year old boy and you want this girl in your class to be your girlfriend?

Try and speak to her and find out if she likes you

Can a thirteen year old boy have a girlfriend?


How can you find out if a thirteen year old boy with a girlfriend likes you?

he doesn't. he has a girlfriend for a reason.

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How old is Soulja Boy girlfriend?

she is probly old cause shes ugly

How can a 11 year old boy get a girlfriend?

Um well to get a girlfriend you need to ASK A GIRL.

What is a good gift for a sixteen year old boy?

a girlfriend

Boy 10 year old can have a girlfriend?

A boy at the age of ten can have a girlfriend. Dating is a whole other thing you should be in the presents of an adult.

How do you get a girlfriend for 8 yerars old boy?

You can get a girlfriend for an 8 year old boy by having him go up to the girl he likes and making friends. He can tell her he likes her and then ask her to be his girlfriends.

How can a 15-year-old boy get an 18-year-old girl to be his girlfriend?

Ask her:)

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