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Here it is good luck pronouncing it: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Lanolin Oil, Lanolin, Polybutene, Petrolatum, Ozokerite, Oleyl Alcohol, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Ethylhexyl Hydroxystearate, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Paraffin, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Oleate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetate, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, May Contain

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2009-09-03 00:08:32
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Q: What ingredients are in Cover girl lipstick?
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Why does cover girl lipstick last the longest?

It is of higher qualities that why it last longer

What are some ingredients in lipstick?

The ingredients found in a typical tube of lipstick are wax, oils, antioxidants, and emollients. These ingredients give the lipstick its' shape and consistency, its' coloring, and its' flavor.

What ingredients are in Cover girl lipgloss?

the ingredients that are in covergirl lipgloss is hydrogenated polysosbutene

What kind of lip gloss does Taylor Swift use?

Red lipstick from cover girl

Can you use Cover Girl coupons to buy lipstick?

In most cases you can use a Cover Girl coupon to buy a tube of lipstick. However, some conditions may apply and you should check the fine print on the coupon to see which exact products it can be used for.

What is cover girl lipstick made out of?

It depends on the specific kind of lipstick but generally the top makeup companies produced lipstick with : Carmine, Coal-Tar Derived FD&C Coloring, Phthalates, Fragrance, and Hazardous "Lake" Colors. These ingredients have not all been tested by the FDA, only 11% of ingredients found in cosmetic products have been. Many women should research the ingredients of makeup because it will alarm you, some of the pigments come from boiling highly-pigmented beetles while others come from carcinogenic sources.

What are the ingredients in lipstick?

the main ingredients of lipsticks even the lipgloss is fishscales

What lipstick ingredients come from insects?

non, but there are ingredients from pigs and fish.

What are the ingredients in Clinique lipstick?

skunk poop

What ingredients are in cover girl foundation?

Eggs, butter, milk and fragrance

Is there bat poop in lipstick?

No! You can follow the link, below, to learn more about the common ingredients in lipstick.

Are there gross ingredients in lipstick?

its has flub in it whale flub \

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