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Q: What impact did slavery have on African American families?
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What has the author Arnie D Slaughter written?

Arnie D Slaughter has written: 'An analysis on the image of the African American father and his impact on the African American family structure' -- subject(s): African American men, African American fathers, African American families

What is the impact of slavery on African-Americans?

African-Americans are now scattered far and wide.

What was the impact of the slavery on American History?

It made llamas jelous.

What impact did the cold war have on American families?

they all died. :/

What was the impact of the 13th amendment on American life?

It abolished slavery in the country.

What positive impact did Nikki Giovanni give on other African American live?

a positive impact given on other African American lives is that it helps people to SUCCEED in life.

How did the transition from slavery to freedom impact religion for African Americans?

They all turned gay and got AIDS.

What social impact did the freedmen's bureau have on African American during the reconstruts?

the social impact was nothing

What impact did the withdrawal of federal troops from the south in 1877 have on the African American politics?

Whites began to disenfranchise African American voters.

Who published a pamphlet that advocated violence and rebellion as the only way for African Americans to end slavery?

David Walker published a pamphlet in 1829 called "Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World" advocating for violent rebellion as the only way to end slavery and racial inequality in the United States. Walker's writings had a significant impact on the abolitionist movement and African American resistance to slavery.

What impact did African American soldiers have on outcome of civil war?

The African Americans got more freedom.

How did wood impact society?

By being the First African American golfer in the would