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Your girlfriend's cheating

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Q: What if your girlfriend calls from another guys phone and when i ask her about it she says its a friend but wont tell me who?
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What do you say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone in high-School?

There are several things one can say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone. You can ask how their days went, if they want to see a movie, or just ask about their hobbies.

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Go to her house and say she is right to what ever she says. She is probably mad r she just has her phone off or something.

What is another word for answering telephone?

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A ex friend stop calling you should you answer the phone when he calls?

please i need to stop calls from skype FM my x-boyfriend coz he is threatening me

What if your husband has been receiving phone calls and emails from an ex girlfriend?

Well I think it would depend on what those phone calls and emails are about? It also depends on whether or not your husband still has feelings for her. If he loves you and has nothing left for her, you shouldn't be too worried. Again it all depends on the circumstances and the context of the phone calls and emails.

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