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I got the vivitrol shot 19 days ago. My cravings came back strongly around day 16, although It did reduce my cravings significantly until then. On day 18 after the injection I had overwhelming cravings and was concerned I would use. I resorted to taking 4mg of suboxone and it certainly helped reduce my cravings and desire to use. I had no negative side effects. Some things you should know before you make your choice are to know you will need to be careful not to take very much until you reassess your tolerance as it may have decreased exponentially depending on how long it has been since the last time you used. While I can only share my experience keep in mind I am not certain you will react the same way I did but I can tell you for certain that whatever you decide to do you need to be off of any opioid or partial opiate agonist such as suboxone for 7 to 10 days or within minutes of receiving the vivitrol injection it will cause you to go into rapid intense withdrawals. As a fellow recovering addict I sincerely wish you success in yours.

In the case described above, it is pure psychological effect, that 4mg of Suboxone reduced the cravings while having vivtrol shot. Vivitrol is blocking opioid receptors, and Suboxone is an opioid drug, therefore, 4mg of suboxone couldn't make any affect since vivtrol had blocked all opioid receptors. However, if one takes higher dosages of Suboxone, is at risk of getting overdosed, since they might override the vivtrol and all of a sudden, on clean opioid receptors, a huge quantity of opioid arrives. That is a great risk.

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Q: What if you took a suboxone on the vivitrol shot?
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How long does Vivitrol shot last for?

About 4 weeks

How long do you have to quit drinking to get a Vivitrol shot?

i'm assuming it's the same as opiates, it can't be more than a week. i would say just go to meetings daily or whatever you can do to stay away and then once you get the shot you just won't crave it. ask a doctor that does vivitrol this question. good luck.

What is the meaning of vivitrol?

Vivitrol is the trade name for the drug naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist. Vivitrol is used to help treat alcohol dependence and opioid dependence.

How long does the vivitrol shot last?

As little as 3 weeks. No longer than 4 weeks. So somewhere between the third and fourth week.

You took a Suboxone on suday and have a piss test on wensday Are you in the clear?

Suboxone does not show up in drug tests!!!!!!! YOUR FINE

Is it safe to take ambien if you also are taking a monthly vivitrol injection?

Vivitrol injections and Ambien together produce no interactions.

How long will the 8mg suboxone block you from banging scramble if you shot the sub?

Couple hours...tops.

If you took suboxone at 6 pm and then methadone at 3pm next day can you go back to suboxone?

If your body is used to suboxone then you can usually only be on a stonger narcotic up to about three days before you have a rough conversion back onto the suboxone. But you should wait the correct time for the stronger narcotic to ware off before taking the suboxone again.

Can you take Neproxen with Suboxone?

Yes, it is okay to take NyQuil if you are taking Suboxone. I am on Suboxone and I take NyQuil; in fact I just took some yesterday.

You are on 4mg of suboxone and want to know what would happen if you took one hydrocoapap5-500mg?

Absolutely nothing at all would happen the the buprenorphine will block the tiny amount of hydrocodone and you would feel nothing. Even if you took a hand full the same day as you took suboxone, it would block the hydrocodone.

If you take methadone then shot another pill will you go into immediate withdrawal?

no unless that pill just happens to be suboxone.

Took 10 mg of methadone and still sick can you take suboxone?

No, if you take methadone, you should not mix it with suboxone. Make sure the methadone is out of you system before taking suboxone. Combining these medications can result in instant withdrawals and severe sickness.