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You can get a replacement pass in the Information Center for $10 Or you can go in without your pass for FREE once every six months. Just in case you think you'll find your pass later.

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Q: What if you lose your Knotts berry farm pass?
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Can you get in Knotts Scary Farm cheaper with a Knotts Berry Farm pass?

yes you can get in for cheaper , the tickets at the door are around $60 and you can get in (with a pass) at around $35. that's what i did last year :D

What happens if you lost a knotts berry farm season pass?

you could get a replacement for a 10 dollar fee

Can season pass ports for worlds of fun be used at knotts berry farm?

No, if you only have Worlds of Fun passes. You would have had to purchase the Platinum pass which grants you entry into all of the Cedar Fair Parks.

Can knott's berry farm season pass be used for soak city?

Yes it can but only if you upgrade it to a hold pass .

Do you get a discount to knotts haunt if you have a season pass?


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