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well, say sorry to him ...

if u have the guts,


~riccha lovelie aya<3

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Q: What if you hurt his feelings and you like him?
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Does a guys feelings only get hurt if they like you?

No they can can also be hurt if they lose face.

How can you tell a boy you like he hurt your feelings?

You "like"--OK if you like it tell him your glad you'll be missing out DONT like --tell him your feelings !

Why do girls say they like you but they don't?

don't want to hurt your feelings.

Im a Gemini that likes a Virgo?

You will probably not like them for long and will hurt their feelings.

When was Hurt Feelings - song - created?

Hurt Feelings - song - was created in 2009-09.

What should you do if your feelings are hurt?

Talk about why your feelings are hurt with someone who is close to you, think about how to improve what happening to make you feel hurt

How can you dicuss what you did or didn't like without hurting their feelings?

Just discuss it with them ask what they liked or didn't like first then say what you liked or didn't like it shouldn't hurt their feelings

What should you do if you dont like your friend and you are afraid to hurt her feelings?

Ill say sorry that don't like them

How do you ask if you hurt someones feelings?

Be straight up. Ask the person, "Did I hurt your feelings when I said this or when I did that?"

Why do men see that you care for them and continue to hurt you?

I personally think is because they do not have any sort of feelings like you have for them or they wouldn't continue to hurt you.

Why does my brother like to hurt my feelings?

because they just want to bully you its wrong tell him

What do you do when you hate your dad?

Pretend to like him so you don't hurt his feelings and make the best of it.