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I did, and I almost died. Not only did I walk out of there w/the typical lightheaded, thirst, & tired symptoms; But also: jaw/chest/left shoulder pain, confusion, a floating sensation, slow-slurred speech, SEVERE dizziness, unsteady gait, heart palpitations, & strong food cravings for salt & meat. I am extremely lucky to be alive b/c most of those symptoms are how one feels before a Heart Attack. AND, in addition to this, that date was only 2 weeks ago & I'M STILL FEELING THEM (to a much more mild degree, thankfully). The ONLY reason I'm alive today is by chance my Albumin levels were high so I got turned away for a week from the Clinic I go to to donate. I was 9 weeks that day I donated, & just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. I told my Doctor right then & there what I'd done and his jaw hit the floor. This led to a battery of tests on myself and 2 Ultrasounds. I am OK (somehow) & my Fetus is as well. The Ultrasound Technician called it a "Busy Baby" b/c it was moving & kicking around so much (this is good). My Doctor explained that when pregnant women's bodies encounter a threat (a cold, flu, PLASMA LOSS, whateverelse going wrong inside) their bodies work double time to fight it/ward the threat off & thus, it takes them longer to recover.

I read that ALL Plasma Donation Clinics reject pregnant women, as they should. However, mine only ASKED if there was a chance I could be pregnant, & didn't actually test me for a pregnancy. ME ALMOST DIEING IS NOT THEIR FAULT, IT IS MINE, yes, BUT I know considerably think pregnancy tests should be added onto the list of tests they administer to new Donors (AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis A/B/C, Albumin levels/Total Protein Levels, etc...) b/c I highly doubt they'd want a dieing Donor on their floor no matter the circumstances.

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Q: What if you donate plasma and didn't know you were pregnant yet?
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