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All relationships are awkward and adding attraction and emotions into the mix only increases our mutual frustration with them.

It sounds like you're friends with this girl - which is a great place to start as it goes to proving that you can provide value (fun, compassion, trust, empathy, etc) without being adding romance to the mix.

The time may or may not arrive where she's comfortable transitioning the relationship to boyfriend/girlfriend. Your comfort with either scenario coming about will go along way in helping you be at peace with your relationship with her and yourself.

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Q: What if you ask the girl you like out and she says that its to soon and your still talking to her but its awkward?
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How to make it less awkward with a girl that knows you like her?

speak to her as if she never found out you liked her. Be friendly and act like you never told her, and if you still fells its awkward ask her if you likes you and if she doesn't just move on to someone who does like you

I asked my girl best friend out and she said no but now its super awkward around us and I still want us to be best friends but I still like her what should I do?

You could try talking to her about how you still want to be friends.AND hey sometimes things turn out in the end (I have a crush on my best friend)

It's gotten kind of awkward with this girl i like i think she likes me but I'm not sure she knows you like her how can you find out if she likes you?

you ask her if she does or you just keep talking to her and bring up "who do you like?" in the conversation

When you keep talking about a girl that broke up with you what does it mean?

it means you still like her and have feelings for her.

Does a guy I like hate me if he avoids talking to his friend who happens to be standing talking to me?

maybe or.. he likes you to and feels awkward about it

Would it be awkward if to ask a guy out and he says no and still have to see him weekly?

well if your a girl , girls don't ask guys out . Let the guy know you like him and see what happens. But it would be awkward if he rejected you and that you would have to see him weekly .

How you tell a girl that you like her?

Try not to make it awkward, girls hate it when they don't know what to say. Start talking to her and be yourself. Try to make her laugh then look in her eyes and smile at her so she feels special then say.....I like you.

What to do when it's awkward between you and your girl friend but you still like her?

wait for something exciting to happen... if something doesnt, you should probably talk to her about it... tell her exactly how you feel.

Are Akay and Ilayda going out?

No but they like each other and akay was talking to other girl but ilayda still likes him.

Lyrics to Young Girl Talking about Herself?

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What do you do if you like your best friend but you ask her a lot of questions about girls that are awkward?

Stop talking about awkward girls and just talk to her. Get to know her better, form a little relationship.

How do let a girl know you don't like her anymore and things are still awkward between you and her?

BE HONEST. Tell her the truth, but don't be mean about it. She may hate you at first, but she will appreciate it in the end.