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Q: What if you are turning 17 and your boyfriend is turning 18 this year?
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If a 17-year-old is pregnant and almost turning 18 can her boyfriend get in trouble with the law if he is over 21 in the state of Illinois?

The age of consent in Illinois is 17. As long as her boyfriend is not her teacher or a school official, he's okay.

If you are turning 17 and your boyfriend is turning 18 is this legal or illegal for us to date?

it is legal for you two to date and in most places to have sex.

What age does Taylor Lautner have?

he is 17 turning 18 next year

Can a 17-year-old move in with her 18-year-old boyfriend if she has her GED and is not in school?


Can a 17 year old pregnant girl move out with her 18 year old boyfriend legally in Pennsylvania?

no, you have to be 18

Can a person who is 17 and turning 18 in the following year vote for this election?

No you must be 18 at the time of the election

Can a 17 year old move out who has babies with her boyfriend that is 18 in Indiana?


Can a 17 year old girl get married to her 18 year old boyfriend?

As long as she had permission from her parents because she is not 18 yet.

Is it ok for a 17 year old to date a 14 year old she is turning 15 an iam turning 18 an you havent had sex is this allowed?


Can a 17 year old move in with her 18 year old boyfriend in louisiana?

Only with parental consent.

Can a 17-year-old in Louisiana move out with her 24-year-old boyfriend?

No, she has to wait until 18 legally.

Does Emily Neville have a boyfriend?

Yes, her boyfriend is Lucas Cruikshank. If you don't know who he is, he is also Fred figglehorn on YouTube. He is 17 years old and will be turning 18 in august 2011

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