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You don't get any presents for Christmas

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Q: What if you are on SantaS naughty list?
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What do Santas elves do?

Santas elves makes toys, makes him coacoa and cookies, check the naughty and nice list, fill santas sack and get the reindeers ready for the journey on Christmas day. Plus, they dance and sing a lot they are the kings and queens at mischeif too. it's an elf thing, you wouldn't understand. ;-) xoxox

Are you on santas nauty or nice list david?

Everyone is always on Santa's nice list there is no such thing as a naughty list cause nobody ever got coal on this planet I think. So I hope this answer will help you.Thanks for reading I hope my answer answers your question and I hope you believe me.Boys and girls that were not nice during the year will be found on Santa's naughty list.

Who is on the 2010 naughty list?

want to email santa click this link: or if myou want mto know if you are on santas nice list click this link: i hope this helps i go on it every year merry Christmas :) Bethany x

Why is Santa sometimes naughty?

Well, that's a tricky question because Santa is never naughty... but some fake Santas are, who dress up like him. You have to be careful of those fake ones. They try to ruin Christmas.

What gets you on the naughty list?

You know.Your conscience will tell you if you are being naughty and doing things you're not supposed to be doing. If you're breaking the rules - or even bending them on purpose - you're being naughty and are on the naughty list.

What is santas good list official acess code?

Dec 24,2011

What is the code on santas official good list?

Sorry that information is classified.

Do kids get put on the naughty list?

yes the belive that kids get put on the naughty list is true they get put on it for being a bullie being mean ect.....

Who is on the naughty list and nice list?

Only God and Santa know for sure!

What is the code to Santa's good list?

Whether you are naughty or nice.

Is Stephanie Santamaria on Santa's naughty or nice list?


What dogs are on the naughty dog list?

Really any dog. no matter what kind how old how behaved it is there will be some kind of naughty behaver