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Well I'm not really sure but I go to school and see this a lot from someone. It means that he's a player, he may like but also as you said he likes attention. He can't stand being looked at or having attention from one person no, he needs a lot of people but also it could mean that he isn't the type that will have a one relationship. He might have more. He is just that way then. You have to talk to him and tell him that you like attention too. Ignore his bad behavior, I know it bad sound silly, but if you keep listening to him he is going to keep up his behavior.

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Q: What if my boyfriend wants all the attention?
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What does it mean when your boyfriend say you dont love them?

It means that he wants more attention, or you don't love him, or he wants you to have sex with him.

Why does my guy friend want me to break up with my boyfriend?

The most likely answer is that he wants to be with you or that he is jealous that you give your boyfriend more attention thab you give him.

Is it a bad sighn if your boy friend says he fells like a bad boyfriend?

No hes probably just after attention, Wants you to pay him that little bit more attention and wants the Sympathy vote.

How do you know what to get your boyfriend for his birthday?

Think of what he likes to do in his spare time and things that he enjoys. When you're together, pay attention to things he mentions he wants, or special events he wants to do.

Why does Harry Styles get all the attention?

He wants it. He loves it.

How can you tell if your boyfriend wants to break up?

if he is always inching away from you. If he doesnt pay much attention to you, or doesnt talk to you alot.

How do you know if a girl is really wanting to b with you if she has a boyfiend?

She'll pay less attention to her current boyfriend. She'll look at you sometimes and that's when you'll feel that she wants to be your boyfriend. This is just how some girls act. It's not certain that all girls act like this.

What do you call a person who wants attention all the time?

A person who seeks attention all the time can be referred to as an attention-seeker or attention-seeking individual.

My boyfriend always wants to be around me and gets mad when he can't?

Try and calm him down. Let him know that there are other things begging for your attention.

What do you do when your boyfriend just wants to friends?

when he's all awkward when you act all mushy

Why my boyfriend talks to females on the phone sexually i say something to him he says there just words im not cheating in gets mad?

He enjoys the attention of other girls, and is mad because you ask for him to devote his attention to you. He is in the wrong, and if he wants to stay your boyfriend then he should learn to be more loyal to you.

How do you get your boyfriend to be a Romeo?

You can't and shouldn't try. People are who they are. If he wants to be one he will be, if not he won't. If you feel you need him to be one then tell him that he isn't paying you enough attention.