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If he means it in a sexual way and your not ready for anything just tell him kissing or something

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Q: What if he keeps asking what are you down for?
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What does it mean when a guy like your best friend keeps asking you if he's attractive and you tell him you think he is but he keeps asking you?

He wants you.

What does it mean when a guy keeps asking you for sex and you say no and he still keeps asking you?

my guess is that you so good he cant help himself.:)

If he keeps asking about you what does it mean?

If he keeps asking about you, he probably likes you but it depends what sort of questions hes asking you. If its about what your doin at the weekend or personal questions, hes probably trying to get to know you more and likes you.

What are signs a woman is interested?

She keeps asking you out. :P

What does it mean when a guy friend keeps looking at you and asking if you're okay or not?

It could be that he has a crush on you, or he could be just showing concern as a friend if you are looking a bit down.

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What do you do if a guy wont stop asking who you like?

if he keeps on asking you he probably likes you and if you like him then say i like you

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A girl keeps on asking what kinda girls you like and you tell her then shes says like me what then?

she likes you and is trying to know wether you like her or not. If you do then tell her but if you don't then let her down gently.

How do you know if he is in love with your money only?

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Your friend is not playing with you and keeps on asking for thing off of me is she using me or not?