What if dog made some girl pregnant?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It is not possible to get pregnancy from the dog to human female. Chromosomes do not allow such pregnancy to take place.

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Q: What if dog made some girl pregnant?
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Is it safe if your girl dog had been pregnant by her brother dog?

It is usally safe because my dogs were bro and sis and they made pups togher and the pups were ok.

This girl said i no you?

no, in fact, she got pregnant by a dog.

Can a male dog get pregnant?

NO. do some basic reproductive research

Can a female dog get pregnant?

um yes. how do u think puppies are made?

Can you cut a dog's hair when pregnant?

Clarification needed: when the dog is pregnant or when you are pregnant?

When a dog chews its paws what does that mean?

it means that your dog is pregnant 6 months

What is a pregnant dog called.....?

A pregnant dog is called a bitch.

Can you get pregnant from the sperm of your dog?

No, it is absolutely impossible for a human to get pregnant from a dog.

Is it bad to hold your dog a lot while pregnant?

Holding the dog is fine. Picking up a large dog up by yourself when pregnant is not.Who is pregnant, you or the dog????

Which is correct.The girls dog was lost or The girl's dog was lost?

The girl's dog was lost

Does a girl dog need a boy dog to breed?

Yes. In order for a girl dog to become pregnant and have puppies she must be introduced and bred with a male dog. The only other way a "girl" dog can be bred is through Artificial Insemination where semen is collected from a "boy" dog and is then frozen until the "girl" dog is ready ot be bred Then the "girl" dog is taken to a Veterinarian where the vet will take a thin straw like tube of the "boy" dog's semen that had been frozen at an earlier date and will "inject" the semen into the "girl" dog's Uterus where the sperm can then fertilize the eggs that are ready to be fertilized in the "girl" dog's Uterus. However, this second option is very expensive in comparison, and not all veterinarians perform this service.Comment'Boy' dogs are called 'dogs'; 'girl' dogs are called 'bitches'!

"How long does a dog take to get pregnant?

A dog takes 58- 68 days to get pregnant.