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first tell her to calm down but he she start hetting well just like hold her in tell she calmdown

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Q: What if a guy wants to Bet you what do you bet him?
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Is Greg a legand?

yes but a bet a bet abet a bet a bet abet a bet a bet aba bet a bet abet a bet a bet abet a bet a bet abet a bet a bet abet

You are flirting with this guy you like and were beting that your team will win the game today or his he bet something now you have to what should you bet?

they will win.

This guy sits across the classroom and kisses his arm while he looks at me What does it mean?

I'll bet you know the answer. He wants to kiss you. He's pretending his arm is you.

Your uncle wants you to eat your own poop because you lost a bet should you?

Absolutely not! Still, you made the bet and should have thought of the possibility of loosing.

What to bet a guy you like?

tell him to kiss you or WOO-HOO

What are the release dates for A Guy Walks Into a Bar - 2011 The Bet 1-3?

A Guy Walks Into a Bar - 2011 The Bet 1-3 was released on: USA: 20 January 2011

What do you do if you like a guy but you don't know if he likes you?

Talk to him, become friends with him, I bet over time you will get closer and closer with him, and he will probably tell you he wants to be more than friends.

Can you not take a re-bet at all?

If the bet creator DOES NOT want to take a re-bet because he wants his money, well he can. BUT, there are some conditions to be followed. the creator has to ask 3 other people this question: should i let him re- bet? the best 2out of 3 wins it. NOTE: if you already started a re-bet, you can't deny it. THAT'S CHEATING!!!!!!!

What to make a friend do if they lost a bet?

You can make them kiss the guy they hate

What is the area of Shire of Bet Bet?

The area of Shire of Bet Bet is 928.2 square kilometers.

A wager or guess that something will happen?


What is the simple past and past participle of bet?

Present tense - I bet. Past tense - I bet. Future tense - I will bet.