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smile back means she likes you if you like her hit on her or she could just be be creepy

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Q: What if a girl stares at you and smiles?
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How you know a girl likeing him?

She flirts, stares, smiles...etc

What does it mean if a girl stares at me and smiles does she like me?

If a girl smiles at you it could mean that she likes you. It could also mean that she is just been friendly.

What does it mean when a girl stares at you and when she says hi she blushes and smiles while saying it?

She obviously likes you

What if a boy says he doesn't like but stares at you and likes other girl when he stares you smile at him and he smiles back?

He's lying... he likes you and is afraid... Or he's a stalker lol

What does it mean when a college girl stares at you and then blushes smiles and giggles while looking away from you and saying hi to you?

She likes you

A girl stares at you and smiles?

That means shes interested in you. You should maybe ask her out or maybe she'll ask you out before you do Just wait :)

What does it mean and is the boy a player or a flirty if a boy stares at a lot of girls but always stares and smiles only at you?

FIRST, ITS KINA WIERD THAT HE JUST STARES AT EVERYBODY LIKE THAT. Secondly, if he smiles only at you, it means he probably likes you.

What does it mean when a guy stares at you and kisses then afterwards he stares and smiles?

He might want to go out with you or he liked the kiss

If your boyfriend always stares at you and smiles is it love?

No, he is undressing you with his eyes.

If he smiles and blushes and stares at you does he like you?

He likes you this guy he is crushing on you.

How can a 7th grade girl tell if a guy likes her?

A girl knows that a guy likes her if he flirts, smiles at her often, blushes & sweats while talking to her, teases, and stares.

If a guy stares at you and smiles does that mean that he likes you?

yes yes!! if he stares that means he wants to talk to u lol

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